Hardees ran a series of Funmeal toys based on the X-Men, from May 29 to June 25, 1995: X-Men Super Heros. (The press release promoting the toys misspelled "Heroes", dropping the "e".) The items included with the Funmeals were:

  • a set of trading cards
  • a time glider
  • tattoos
  • a set of mini-comic books
  • hero milk caps (similar to POGS)

Separate from the Funmeal toys were "action figurine" combo packs, available for purchase with any combo, for 99 cents extra. Each pack came with two characters, one from the X-Men, and the other from The Brotherhood of Evil Mutants.

  • Cyclops vs. Commando
  • Wolverine vs. The Blob
  • Rogue vs. Avalanche
  • Storm vs. Phantazia

Additionally, large soft drinks featured two 32-ounce plastic cups, and large fry boxes featured Wolverine.

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