The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie was a Burger King toy series in November and December 2004, They founded in November 3, 2004, Then they ends in January 3, 2005.

Year: 2004
Dates: November/December 2004
Restaurant: Burger King
Available with: Kid's Meal
Licenses: Twelve Movie Toys
Toys in every Kid's Meal
Manufacturer: Additional of Burger King
Additional info: Burger King with (Kid's Meal)


  1. Spongebob the Puzzle Twist Cube
  2. Patrick's Patty Wagon Ride
  3. Spongebob SqueakPants
  4. Wobbling-Eye Plankton
  5. Karate Chop Sandy
  6. Walkin' Plankton
  7. Spongebob's Super Secret Float
  8. Squidward's Fired Slot
  9. Gary's Soft Shell
  10. Talk "N" Go SpongeBob Chatterbox Phone
  11. Patrick's Slip Flip
  12. Spongebob's Rolling Eyes


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