MCD 03 JungleBook
Year: 2003
Dates: February 21-March 13
Restaurant: McDonald's
Available with: Happy Meals
Licenses: The Jungle Book 2
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From February 21 to March 13, 2003, McDonald's North America offered a set of 6 playsets based on The Jungle Book 2.


  1. Baloo (bear)
  2. Mowgli
  3. Shanti
  4. Lucky (vulture)
  5. Shere Kahn (tiger)
  6. Kaa (snake)

German Edition

  • In Germany, McDonald's offered plush heads of six different characters that made animal sounds. The toys were:
  1. Baloo (bear)
  2. Bagheera (panther)
  3. Colonel Hathi (elephant)
  4. Lucky (vulture)
  5. Shere Kahn (tiger)
  6. Kaa (snake)
  • In other parts of Europe, McDonald's sold a tree set of 9 different characters which included:
  1. Mowgli
  2. Shanti
  3. Baloo
  4. Shere Kahn
  5. Bagheera
  6. Kaa
  7. Junior (baby elephant)
  8. Ranjan and Flunky Monkey
  • In Australia and New Zealand, McDonald's sold a series of 6 toys in action (along with some of the tree toys from the European set). The toys were:
  1. Mowgli (Spins on his foot)
  2. Bagheera (Push the button and he spins around the tree)
  3. Shanti & Colonel Hathi (Windup Shanti and Hathi walks forward)
  4. Baloo & Ranjan (Windup Baloos arm and he swims while Ranjan spins around)
  5. Ranjan & Monkey (Windup Ranjan and the monkey moves around the tree)
  6. Baby Elephant water squirter
  • In Asia and Thailand, there were only 4 toys from the Australian set, including Baloo & Ranjan, Shanti & Hathi, Mowgli, and Bagheera.

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