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The Pretty Cure toys.

From October 5, 2012 through October 21, 2012, McDonald's Japan offered toys based on the hit TV Asahi anime series, Smile Pretty Cure!, the ninth series in the Pretty Cure franchise that has been running since 2004. The toys are all mini-cases with some gimmick. For example, Cure Peace's contains a pen, and some of the toys light up.


1. Cure Happy case

2. Cure Beauty case

3. Cure Beauty and Cure March case

4. Cure Peace case

5. Cure March case

6. Cure Sunny case

7. Cure Happy and Candy case

8. Cure Happy, Cure Sunny and Cure Peace case

Special toys

On the weekends, the toys came with another Pretty Cure related goodie. There were two, a coloring sheet with a crayon that was one of four colors (red, blue, yellow or green) and a sheet of stickers.


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