McD Malaysia PLA Rail Kitty
McD CN PLA Rail and Hello Kitty

PLA RAIL was a Happy Meal series released at McDonald's Japan in 2010, and both McDonald's Malaysia and Hong Kong in 2011.



Available as of late November 2011.

It was released alongside Unidentified Hello Kitty series (McDonald's China, 2011).

Hong Kong

Released mid-September to mid-October 2011.

It was released alongside Time out with Hello Kitty.


Summer 2010

In Japan, the toys were featured alongside HeartCatch Pretty Cure! (McDonald's Japan, 2010).


August 4 to 31, 2011

  • August 4-10: DSI 200
  • August 11-17: Series E2 Hayate
  • August 18-24: Series E3 2000 Tsubasa
  • August 25-31: Series B4 MAX

It was released alongside Time out with Hello Kitty.

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