MCD 04 Neopets
In 2004, McDonald's released their first set of Neopets toys. There were 15 Neopets and 4 varieties of surprise items. Each Neopet came in seven different colors The toys were blind-packaged, so you couldn't tell which pet you were going to get. The total was 109 toys.


  1. Scorchio
  2. Lupe
  3. Aisha
  4. Chomby
  5. JubJub
  6. Blumaroo
  7. Moehog
  8. Negg
  9. Supernova
  10. Ultranova
  11. Paintbrush
  12. Ultranova
  13. Ixi
  14. Techo
  15. Wocky
  16. Quiggle
  17. Shoyru
  18. Grundo
  19. Uni
  20. Yurble

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