Year: 1995
Dates: July
Restaurant: [[McDonald's (US)
Burger King (non-US)]]
Available with: Happy Meals (US)
Kids Club Meal (non-US)
Licenses: Power Rangers
Manufacturer: {{{make}}}
Additional info: {{{site}}}

In 1995, McDonald's had offer a set of four toys and one under 3 toy based on the 20th Century Fox movie Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie. The toys that were offered were kind of like Power Ranger gear. Outside of the US, the toys were offered by Burger King.

This is the first time McDonald's made ownership with 20th Century Fox.

  • Power Siren
  • Power Com
  • Powermorpher Buckle
  • Alien Detector
  • Power Flute (under 3 toy)

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