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Year: 1983
Restaurant: McDonald's
Available with: Happy Meal
Licenses: Hot Wheels
Additional info:

A series of toy cars, by Mattel's Hot Wheels line, were available at McDonald's in Happy Meals.

  • Corvette Stingray
  • Jeep CJ-7 Car
  • 3-Window '34
  • '56 Hi-Tail Hauler
  • '57 T-Bird
  • Baja Breaker
  • Cadillac Seville
  • Chevy Citation "X-11"
  • Datsun 200 SX
  • Dixie Challenger
  • Firebird Funny Car
  • Front Running Fairmont
  • Land Lord
  • Malibu Grand Prix "Goodyear 9999"
  • Mercedes 380 / Silver Sel
  • Minitrek "Good Time Camper"
  • Porsche 928
  • Race Bait 308
  • Sheriff Patrol (Black and White)
  • Split Window '63
  • Tricar X8
  • Turismo "10"
  • Stutz Blackhawk

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